Haircuts and Hairstyles at TNT

At  TNT, we offer expertise in all aspects of hair styling, but it’s our mission to offer you a great hair cut that’s personal to you. We understand that every client is unique and therefore no two haircuts will ever be the same on two different people. The dedicated team at our hair salon is constantly developing new skills and techniques in hair cutting and styling.


The Essentials of a Great Haircut & Hairstyle

Our hair stylists will use a combination of techniques and tools when cutting your hair. However before they can do this they need to consider a number of factors that will help them to give you the perfect hair cut.

Factors such as your head shape, face shape and facial balance need to be considered before any cutting takes place. For example, bang fringes are used if the forehead is too large – the fringe gives the illusion of a smaller forehead. Hairdressing tools such as scissors, razors and clippers may be used depending on what hair cut and style that you choose creating effects including:

  • Movement – swept sleek, wavy or structured
  • Texture – sharp, wispy, smooth or blunt
  • Volume – density and hair body


Choosing a Hairstyle That Suits You

The 21st century now allows you to be daring, adventurous and different. Fashions have greatly changed in the 2000′s. Prior to this, having a hair cut and style was about following the rules and wearing it because it was considered ‘in’. Nowadays, you can have what you like and can even set your own hair style and fashions without having to follow the crowd!

Our hair experts will work with you to access your face shape, facial features and how long you have at home to style and look after your hair before deciding on hair cuts and styles suitable for you.